This is Important!!!

Me & Kim talked about it,and we've agreed. This rp is dieing.So after a long talkokay it wasn't THAT long, we've decided to take a haitus.Were gonna clear out, all the inactive Memembers,and delete all the old post from the community.Redo the rules,all that Jazz.So when we fill it's time to re-open, we will,and we'll IM ALL the active members,and let them know we have opened agian.If you don't get an IM from us, that means we believe you weren't active,and have been cut:D.Thank you.

Your Mods;Bay,Kim,Sue

Oh yeah, if you want an rp to be in while South's on haitus check out Kenton_academy @ greatestjournal.com!!

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Okay so im changing joshs pb to adam brody cause he is muy hotness times 438258484268464846240860 sorry if that inconveniences anyone.

deal with it rachel ;) seth can look different


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Hey guys. Unfortunately, I have some bad news.

I'm leaving this RP.

It's a great RP, but my schedule says otherwise, and I'm ni too many RPs to count.

If anyone wants to stay in touch:


AIM:adorable blooper

I'm gonna miss everyone.


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