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Apparently while I was gone we got a lot of new people. So, it would ever so great if you guys could comment on ths entry and let me know that I havn't added you, so that I can in fact, add you.

Thanks if you can do this.

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ok i made new sn's for my people

Marilyn- sweetXloveXmar
Joe- hotXcupaXjoe

and I'm trying to make one for Summer, but it keeps not working.. lol but im pretty sure its gonna be:

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Hi I'm Rory add me. ((she has the same sn as Cam camislove because i can't link on my computer so I'll specify who I am when I im you and would appreciate it if you do the same when iming either character))

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Mrs.Conner is Sick, And i guess like no other chaperones avalible.. So...

What time is best for you guys?
And what day is best?

Please answer the above 2 questions in this post. Its VERY important.

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Hey everyone.

This is OOC . I am going to remove the characters Delancey and Brooklyn, and I'll be portraying a new ( and permenant ) character named Cassie. You guys can check the application post for her info.